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Agreement on bilateral cooperation signed between India and Bahrain

The Union Minister of Home Affairs Shri Rajnath Singh co-chaired a delegation level meeting with Lt General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Agreement contains cooperation on the following subjects:1. Combating international terrorism,2. Trans-national organized crime and 3.Trafficking in illicit, drugs, narcotic and psychotropic substances and precursors chemicals.

India-Bahrain Relations (In 21st Century)  

- Air Service Agreement (April 2000)

- MOU on Cooperation between Ministries of Foreign Affairs (January 2004)

- Agreement on Juridical and judicial Co-operation in Civil and Commercial Matters (January 2004)

- Extradition Treaty (January 2004)

- Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (January 2004)

- Agreement on the Promotion and Protection of Bilateral Investment (January 2004)

- Agreement for Media Co-operation between Prasar Bharati and Bahrain Radio & TV Corporation (March 2007)

- MoU on Labour and manpower Development (June 2009)

- Agreement regarding Exchange of Information with respect to Taxes (May 2012)

- MoU on Cooperation in the field of Information and communication Technology (May 2012)

- MoU on the establishment of a Joint High Commission (February 2014)

- MoU on cooperation between the Foreign Service Institute, Ministry of External Affairs, India and the Diplomatic Institute (February 2014)

- MoU for cooperation in the field of youth and sports (February 2014)

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President pays floral tributes to Dr. Rajendra Prasad on his Birth Anniversary (Advocate's Day)

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee paid floral tributes to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, on the occasion of his birth anniversary at Rashtrapati Bhavan today (December 3, 2015).

About Dr. Rajendra Prasad  (A)He was born in Zeradei, Bihar on December 3, 1884.(B)He joined the famed Calcutta Presidency College in 1902. (C)In 1915, he completed his Masters in Law with honors, winning a gold medal. Subsequently, he completed his Doctorate in Law as well.(D) Dr. Prasad was greatly influenced by Gandhiji, especially over his views on caste and untouchability.(E) He was a true freedom fighter for he loved his nation as well as its nationals. This can be seen through various examples: he rushed to help in 1914 Bihar floods, 1934 Bihar earthquake and others.(F) Dr. Prasad called for non-cooperation in Bihar as part of Gandhiji's non-cooperation movement. (G)He gave up his law practice and started a National College near Patna, 1921. (H)He collected funds for the national movement and urged people to wear Khadi and boycot British manufactured goods, services and laws.(i)During salt satyagrah, Dr. Prasad then sold the manufactured salt to raise funds. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment. (J)He presided over the Bombay session of the Indian National Congress in October 1934.(K)He was elected as the president of Indian National Congress (INC) after the resignation of Subash Chandra Bose in 1939.(I)In 1946, he was elected as the president of the constituent assembly.(M)After retirement he spent his life at the Sadaqat Ashram in Patna and died on February 28, 1963.

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Veteran industrialist MAM Ramaswamy passes away

Veteran industrialist and former parliamentarian MAM Ramaswamy passed away in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He was 84.

About MAM Ramaswamy- (a)He was born on 30 September 1931 and died on 2 December 2015, at the age of 84. (b) He belonged to the Janata Dal (Secular) party, he was a Member of the Parliament of India, representing Karnataka in the Rajya Sabha. (c)Prior to his death, he was the Chairman of Chettinad Group of Companies. (d)He remodeled the Annamalai University (in Chidambaram), which was founded by his family in 1929.

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Justice T.S.Thakur sworn in as 43rd Chief Justice of India

Justice Tirath Singh Thakur was on Thursday, Dec 3, 2015 sworn in as 43rd Chief Justice of India by President Pranab Mukherjee at an elegant function in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

About Justice Tirath Singh Thakur 1. He is the  43rd Chief Justice of India. 2.He is preceded by HL Dattu. 3.He was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court in 2008 and then  took over as the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. 4.He served as a Judge of the Supreme Court since November 2009. 5 He headed the bench of CBI probe of Sharda Scam. 6.He also headed the bench which had delivered the verdict to reform BCCI, the Indian cricket board in the wake of allegations of betting and spot-fixing scandal in the Indian Premier League.

About Supreme Court of India

- It is the apex body of the entire judicial system of India.- It consists of 31 Judges and a Chief Justice of India.- Its official language is English.- Except fundamental rights cases, no other case can be directly filed in the Supreme Court.

About  Chief Justice of India

- The Chief Justice of India is appointed by the President of India.- The Chief Justice of India not only heads the administrative functions of the Supreme Court but also sits actively as a presiding judge in the Supreme Court.- He is responsible for the allocation of cases and appointment of constitutional benches which deal with important matters of law.- The tenure is for a period of 5 years or until his retirement or whichever is earlier, or unless removed by impeachment.

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MoUs between India and Germany for Capital Goods Sector

MoU which has been signed between Indian and Germany, for implementation of Make in India campaign for Capital Goods Sector.
- Objective: to provide platform to various public sector undertakings and capital goods sector units to have easy access to capabilities for identifying and plugging technology gaps in line with 12th Five Year Plan.
2. for Solar Energy- MoU signed between Indian and Germany, to expand bilateral development cooperation in the field of Solar Energy by increasing use of solar energy in India through technical as well as financial cooperation. 
- The MoU would lead to - 
.Cooperation in the field of solar rooftops; 
ii.The development of solar parks or solar zones 
iii.Solar off-grid applications to improve the access to clean and sustainable energy. 

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Mou between India and Japan on Amendment of Convention for the avoidance of double taxation

Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC) signed between the two countries in 1989 for avoidance of double taxation and for prevention of fiscal evasion, through a protocol. 
The Protocol will facilitate:
- exchange of information, as per accepted international standards, on tax matters including bank information and information without domestic tax interest.
- sharing any information received from Japan, with authorization of the competent authority in Japan and vice versa, in respect of a resident of India, with other law enforcement agencies. 
- Both can lend assistance to each other in collection of revenue claims, as well as for exemption of interest income from taxation in the source country, with respect to debt-claims insured by the Government or Government-owned financial institutions. 
About The Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) 
It is essentially a bilateral agreement entered into between two countries. The basic objective is to promote and foster economic trade and investment between two Countries by avoiding double taxation.
What is Tax Avoidance ?
An arrangement of a tax payer’s affairs that is intended to reduce his liability and that although the arrangement could be strictly legal.The key distinction being that in tax avoidance the key facts and financial details are not hidden by the tax payer but are on audit-record.So there is no ‘black-money’ because all the money is reported to the tax-authorities.

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MoU between India and Iran on visa facilitation

India and Iran has signed the MoU on visa facilitation for Diplomatic, Official/Service and Ordinary passport holders. 
Some important salient features of the agreement:
. Consequent upon this, upon presentation of an official note by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the visa application, the resident Diplomatic Missions in the host country would, within 20 working days, issue a gratis visa valid for 90 days for the holders of valid Diplomatic/Official/Service passports, assigned on long-term missions to the Diplomatic Missions or the Consulates General. Appropriate gratis visas of three months' validity for visiting close family members (blood relations such as parents, siblings, adult children as well as in-laws) and visas for other close relatives of the assign on payment of visa fees due would be issued. 
2. On presentation of an official note by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating the purpose of the visit, a non-extendable gratis entry visa will be issued within three working days, with a validity of up to fifteen days, to political authorities and officials travelling for specific bilateral purposes or to participate in a conference or seminar.
3. This Agreement will be valid for an indefinite period. Each Party may, however, terminate this Agreement by giving a written notice for this purpose through diplomatic channels, at least 60 days in advance. 
4.  Either Party reserves the right to prevent the entry, shorten or terminate the stay of the nationals of the other party in accordance with their respective laws and regulations. 

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Sarangi maestro UstadSabri Khan passed away

Sarangi maestro Ustad Sabri Khan passesdaway at 88.He was a renowned sarangi player.
About Ustad Sabri Khan 
- Born on 21 May 1927 ,Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
- He  was an Indian sarangi player who popularized the instrument across the globe.
- Achievements-honoured with several awards including Padma Shri (1992) and Padma Bhushan (2006).

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Maharashtra is the biggest State economy in India

Maharashtra is the biggest economy stated by the credit rating agency Brickwork Ratings.The results are accounted in terms of gross state domestic report (GSDP).
Top 3 states in terms of GSDP
1. Maharashtra
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Uttar Pradesh
Top 3 states in terms of Tax revenues
1. Maharashtra (approximately 70 per cent of its total receipts through tax revenues)
2. Gujarat
3. Tamil Nadu
Rating Criteria: - political, economic, budgetary, financial and institutional parameters.
Other Findings
- Karnataka leads in the growth of services sector.
- Maharashtra’s infant mortality rate (IMR) of 25 is below the national average for all states.
- The three fastest-growing states are Bihar,Madhya Pradesh and Goa.

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106th rank for India in World Giving Index, 2014

According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), India ranked 106th. Report shows that more than 334 million Indians helped a stranger, more than 183 million gave money and more than 156 million volunteered time. It also reveals that people donating to charity in 2014 had fallen to 20 per cent, down eight percentage points from 2013. Thus, they conclude that India has high proportion of donaters but not according to the population.
Top 3 counteries:
1. Myanmanr
2. United States of America
3. New Zealand
About Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)
CAF is an international non-profit organisation which promotes effective giving and philanthropy worldwide. 
- Mission: to motivate society to give ever more effectively, helping to transform lives and communities around the world.

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