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Nepal elects first woman president, Vidya Devi Bhandari

54 year old Bhandari, the Vice-president of CPN-UML and widow of late general secretary of the party Madan Bhandari, elected as first woman president , weeks after it adopted a new landmark Constitution that declared the country a secular state.The president is the ceremonial head in Nepal while the prime minister is the nation's leader.The Constitution of Nepal, which came into effect on September 20, 2015, replacing the Interim Constitution of 2007. The Constitution was drafted by the Second Constituent Assembly following the failure of the First Constituent Assembly to produce a constitution in its mandated period.

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Mr Narendra Modi is 10th among most admired figures: WEF survey

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the 10th most admired personality globally, as per a new survey by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Other rank holders of survey :
1.    Late Nelson Mandela 
2.     Pope Francis, 
3.    Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk 
4.     Bill Gates
10.    Indian Prime minister Modi and 
11.    US investor Warren Buffett ..

World Economic Forum : The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

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Singapore is the best place to do business in the world : World Bank

According to the world bank list, Singapore is the best place to do business in the world.
List of top 10 countries is :
1. Singapore
2. New Zealand
3. Denmark
4. Korea
5. Hong Kong
6. United Kingdom
7. United States
8. Sweden
9. Norway
10. Finland
Rank is taken out from 189 countries. Many issues were compared such as dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property and trading across borders.
Various steps were taken by Singapore to secure its position. Some of these are :
a.    introducing a new electronic litigation system that streamlines litigation proceedings; 
b.    it made transferring property easier by introducing an online procedure for property transfer;
c.     it improved its credit information system by guaranteeing by law borrowers’ right to inspect their own data; 
d.    it improved its credit information system by collecting and distributing information on firms; and
e.     it made starting a business easier by combining tax registration with business registration on a single online form. 
India secured 130th position. The position is improved from the last year as many initiatives have been taken by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion ("DIPP") . These are :
A. Industrial Licenses
The application for Industrial License ("IL") and Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum ("IEM") can be made online. This will facilitate filing applications and online payment of service charges. Fourteen services are brought into one portal which will work as a single window portal.The Ministry of Home Affairs ("MHA") has stated that it will grant security clearance on IL applications within twelve weeks.
B. Export-Import Documents
Initially the documents required for export and import of goods was ranging upto eleven documents. Now the number of documents required for export and import of goods are limited to three documents.
C. Ministry of Defence ("MOD")
The list of defence products requiring an IL has been issued. This list excludes large number of parts/ components, castings/ forgings etc. from the purview of an IL.Further, products with dual use (i.e. having military as well as civilian applications), unless classified as defence item, will also not require an IL from the defence perspective. In case of these items only an IEM has to be filed.
D. Ministry of Corporate Affairs ("MCA")
The Companies Amendment Act, 2015 ("Amendment Act") has been passed. This Amendment Act amongst other important changes removes requirements of minimum paid-up capital and common seal for companies.
E. Ministry of Environment and Forests ("MOEF")
The process of applying for Environment and Forests clearances has been made online through MOEF portal.
F. Ministry of Labour and Employment ("Labour Ministry")
1.    The Labour Ministry has set up a unified portal for registration of Units for Labour Identification Number, reporting of Inspection, submission of returns and grievance redressal.
2.    The registration with Employees Provident Fund Organization and Employees State Insurance Corporation ("ESIC") has been automated. The ESIC registration number is being provided on a real-time basis.
The focus of the 'ease of doing business policy' is mainly on cutting out the tedious documentation and unnecessary paper work and getting the work done in a shorter time span. It was imperative to take steps to address the concerns and delays, to enable the industry to grow. This was a much needed step to simplify compliance and to make India more investor friendly.

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Narendra Nayak Blackberry head in India

Narendra Nayak is appointed as India managing director. He replaces sunil lalvani. Who had quit the organization in June. He will be responsible for driving Blackberry’s software & services business through all channels in India. He was linguanext in venture funded company linguanext technologies before that he has executive roles in CSC, IBM. Motorola & Digital equipment in India.

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France to introduce biometric visas to Indians

To facilitate travel throughout the Schengen area & help issue long term visas more easily, France will issue biometric visas to Indian nationals keeping in line with an the countries in the Schengen area.The recorded biometric data will be stored for a period of 59 months, obviating the need for applicants to come in person again for renewing their visa. The issuance period of visa will remain same (for India, maximum is 48 hours).

About Biometric Data:
It includes samples, models, fingerprints, similarity scores & all verification o identification data excluding the individual’s name & demographics.

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National ski championship, 2016 will be held in Gulmarg

Government of Kashmir is organizing National winter games in February 2016, at the famous Gulmarg ,ski-resort. Snow festival is also going to be celebrated in Gulmarg . Government is planning to develop Pahalgam as a winter destination by building a skating rink & installing a cable car lift. Kashmir will promote ‘Winter Kashmir’ this year.

About Gulmarg:
It is a hill station, a popular skiing destination & a notified area committee in Baramula district in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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Two butterfly parks to be set up in Uttarakhand

Two butterfly parks are to be set up in Uttarakhand. One such will be developed at Lacchiwala in Dehradun & other at the Botanical Garden, Nainital.
These two places are he home to over 500 species of the flying insect out of 1300 found in country.Prominent among the butterfly species found in Uttarakhand are:
(a)    Indian Mormon.            (b)    Spotted swordtail.
(c)    Lime Butterfly.            (d)    Line Butterfly.

Other Butterfly parks in India:
1.    Bangalore
    India’s first butterfly park.

2.    Shimla
    (a)    India’s second butterfly park.
    (b)    Zoological survey of India found 14 species of butterflies in the cold desert or Lahaul& Spiti district.

3.    Sikkim
    (a)    India’s first open air butterfly park was establishment at Rangrang Sikkim.

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India becomes the biggest gold consumer:

According to the survey report, India overtakes China & becomes the biggest consumer of gold.India consumption is 642 tonnes in the first nine months of the year while on China part it is 579 tonnes.

Reason behind increase in demand are:
(a) again chosen a vehicle for the alternative investment as investors turned cautious of the equity market.
(b) Drop in gold in mid of July, increased the demand in the form of jewellery.
(c) The official depreciation of the yuan announced in August.

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4th India, Sri Lanka novel exercise begin in Trincomalee (Sri Lanka)

4th edition of Sri Lanka India exercise started at Trincomalee. Sri Lanka. It is named as operation SLINEX.
Primary focus of the exercise:
(i)    Anti-piracy exercise.            (ii) Gun firings.
(iii)    Cross deck helicopter operations.      (iv) Anti-surface operations.

Naval ships joined  exercise:
India- Kora &Kirpan ,Savitri (offshore patrol vessel)

Exercise to be conducted:
1.    Harbour phase: In this participants will engage in professional, cultural & social interactions.
2.    Sea phase:Includes complex operations those are of primary focus of this exercise.

SLINEX: It is a series of bilateral maritime exercises between India and Srilanka initiated in 2005

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Bronze age wealth found in Greece.

Bronze age wealth was found in the warrior tomb in Pylos, Greece. It was dated as 3,500 yrs back. Wealth includes jewels, weapons, bronze, silver & gold vessels. In relation with the previous discoveries, it is concluded that tomb may have held a powerful warrior or king, or even a trader or a raider. Who died at about 30 to 35 years of age but who helped to lay the foundations of the Mycenean culture that later flourished in the region. Silver cups, bronze weapons, several pieces of carved ivory & precious stone beads were also found in the tomb. 
Bronze Age:
    It begins around 3000 BC in south Asia. 
    Chalcolithic Age is also known as bronze age. 
    Indus valley civilization was a part of it.
    This age was characterised by the use of copper & stone. 

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