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Important Current Affairs 7th November 2018 English

Day & Dates News

National Cancer Awareness Day

•    7th November 2018 was observed as National Cancer Awareness Day.
•    This day is observed across the country to spread awareness about the disease.
•    There were 2.9 million cases of cancer in the country with 1.1 million new cases being reported annually.
•    This day was announced by then Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on 7th November
•    2014.


World Cancer Day is observed on 4th February every year.

Science & Space News
China Unveils New 'Heavenly Palace' Space Station as ISS Days Numbered

•    China today unveiled a model of its 'Heavenly Palace' space station, as the International Space Station (ISS) is set to retire in 2024.

•    The station has a 17-metre core module along with two other modules for scientific experiments which will be equipped with solar panels. 

•    Three astronauts will be permanently stationed in the 60-tonne orbiting lab.

International News
Ozone layer will be completely HEALED by the 2060s

A United Nations' study has revealed that the Ozone layer, which shields the Earth against cancer causing solar rays, will be completely healed by 2060s.

The ozone layer that shields life from cancer-causing solar rays is slowly recovering at a rate of one to three per cent per decade, a study from the United Nations has revealed.

National News    

Govt releases Rs 113 crore to six Border States

Union Home Ministry has released more than Rs. 113 crore to six Border States under Border Area Development Programme (BADP) as part of its plan to ameliorate the problems of people living in isolated locations.

These six states are:
1. Assam,
2. Nagaland,
3. Sikkim,
4. Gujarat,
5. Rajasthan and
6. Uttarakhand.


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