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Important Current Affairs 5th August 2018

Important Current Affairs 5th August 2018

Current Affairs 5th August 2018: NATIONAL NEWS

122 new research project proposals worth Rs 112 crores for financing under IMPREINT-2

●        In order to pursue research in higher education institutions, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government has approved 122 new research projects under IMPREINT-II at a cost of Rs 112 crore including energy, safety, health, upgradation Contains material, ICT and security / defense

●        Selected new research project proposals: 35 (ICT); 18 (Advanced Materials), 17 (Health Technology), 12 (Energy Security); 11 (security and defense); 9 (Continuous housing); 7 (water resources and river system); 5 (environment and climate); 4 (manufacturing); And 4 (nanotechnology).

Adarsh road from airport to Rashtrapati Bhavan

●        The road from the airport to Rashtrapati Bhavan can be built in Delhi's ideal road.

●        This suggestion LG has placed in front of DDA.

●        He said that this time DDA is setting up 10 lakh trees.

●        From July 15 to September 30, this plant is to be planted, in which two lakh trees have been taken so far.

●        DDA currently has 783 parks and 6 biodiversity parks in Delhi, hence it is playing an important role in enhancing greenery.

Lockheed did not meet offset conditions, fined $5 lakh

●        The Defense Ministry has redeemed a part of the bank guarantee given by American Aerospace Manufacturer Lockheed Martin, not fulfilling the offset conditions for the Special Operations Aircraft Deal.

●        The deal worth 4,000 crores was signed in 2013.

●        Lockheed Martin has been fined less than $ 5 million.

Whatsapp will create local team

●        Whatsapp has informed the government that a local team is working with the company's India Head, which will monitor the circulation of fake news.

●        IT Ministry official said that WhatsApp has responded to the notice issued by the government.

●        The government said that the app has shown commitment to ending fake reports.

Ikea's first Indian store will open in Hyderabad on August 9

●        The first Indian store of Swedish furniture company IKEA will open on August 9 in Hyderabad.

●        Ikea Retail India had earlier said that it has extended the date of opening of the store from July 19 to 9th August.

●        Ikea thanked the Telangana government for her support.

Presidential approval for fugitive economic offender bill

●        President Ram Nath Kovind has approved the fugitive Economic Offenses Bill.

●        This bill will play an important role in preventing fugitive economic offenders from avoiding legal process in India and escaping from the country.

●        The fugitive financial offender is a person against whom an arrest warrant has been issued and he has gone out of the country to avoid criminal prosecution due to his involvement in a selective economic offense worth 100 crores or more.

Hearing on Article 35A in Supreme Court

●        The Supreme Court will hear the petition on the cancellation of Article 35A, which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir .

●        In order to uphold Article 35A, the separatists have announced a shutdown in the valley.

●        Article 35A was added to the Constitution in 1954 by the order of the President.

●        This law prevents any person outside Jammu and Kashmir from buying property in the state.

●        Also, an outsider can not take advantage of the state government's plans and can not get government jobs there.

Current Affairs 4th August 2018: INTERNATIONAL NEWS

US to invest $ 300 Million in Hind-Pacific region to counter China

●        The US will invest $ 300 million to increase security and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

●        US Secretary of State Mike Pompey has announced this at a press conference in Singapore ahead of the Southeast Asian Nations Organization Summit.

●        The US wants to counter the Chinese domination in this area .


Saudi Arabia sent back Canadian High Commissioner

●        Saudi Arabia has said on Monday that he has sent the Canadian High Commissioner back to Riyadh to the country and has called his ambassador present in Toronto.

●        Saudi has also banned all new trade and investment with Canada.

●        Saudi has taken this step after the appeal of Canada in which demand for the release of civil rights activist arrested in Riyadh was sought.

●        Saudi Arabia had put many civil rights activists in jail under major action.

Dunkin 'donuts half store closed

●        Jubilant Foodworks , a listed partner of American Quick Service Donut Chain Dunkin Donuts, has closed more than half of the stores in the last two years.

●        She is leaving the store formats and focusing on donuts and beverages with smaller formats like Kiosk.

●        JFL is doing it to remove the pressure of losses on its profitability due to Dunkin.

Current Affairs 4th August 2018: OBITUARY

Head of Sant Nirankari Mission Savinder Mata passed away

●        Mother Savinder Hardev Maharaj, who was the head of Sant Nirankari Mission, passed away on Sunday evening.

●        She died in the nirankari colony of the weeds.

●        Savinder Hardev Maharaj lived as spiritual head of Sant Nirankari Mission from May 13, 2016 to July 16, 2018.

●        she was 61 years old.

Famous industrialist Rajan Nanda dies

●        Rajan Nanda , the famous industrialist and Chairman of Escorts Group, has died.

●        Nandha, the actor of Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, breathed last night at the Medanta Hospital in Gurugram.

●        Nanda's company makes tractors and other agricultural equipment.

Current Affairs 4th August 2018:ECONOMY

₹ 15000 crores investment will not come in mobile manufacturing

●        The organization of companies making handsets have warned the government saying that if the incentives of States are not restarted in the Goods and Services Tax system, the loss of investments of Rs 10,000 to 15,000 crore in the coming days in mobile manufacturing Could.

●        Indian Cellular Association has written in a letter sent to Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha and Vice Chairman of the Commission, Rajiv Kumar that after the implementation of GST, the incentive available for local manufacturing has been completely stopped.

Under construction Solar projects will not be charged with safeguard duty on imported solar equipment

●        Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has requested the Finance Ministry to give under-construction solar projects exemption from safeguard duty on imported solar equipment.

●        The Finance Ministry has decided to impose 25% safeguard duty on imported solar equipment.

●        The Finance Ministry issued the security guard duty related notification last week.

Current Affairs 4th August 2018: INTERNATIONAL RELATION

India-China joined hands against agricultural subsidies for developed countries

●        Both India and China have jointly told the World Trade Organization that they want the developed countries to reduce their agricultural subsidy under the agreement .

●        Both countries have proposed that for the developed countries including the US, European Union and Canada, eliminate them that are subsidizing the $ 160 billion form for themselves.

●        The farm subsidies given on cotton, wool and tobacco are harming their international business.

Current Affairs 4th August 2018: PERSONS

Justice Joseph's seniority decreased

●        The central government has reduced the seniority of Justice Joseph , with whom many Supreme Court judges and even some members of the Kaliyim are angry.

●        A source associated with the Supreme Court has said that some judges and members of the Supreme Court will meet Chief Justice of India (CJI) Deepak Mishra on Monday.

●        During this time, these people will express their dissatisfaction with this decision before the CJI.

●        The Center has named Justice Joseph at number three in his notice.


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