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Establishment of Higher Education Financing Agency Approved

The Union Cabinet on 12 September 2016 approved the creation of the Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA).
•    The HEFA will be established to give a major push for creation of high quality infrastructure in premier educational institutions.
•    It will also mobilise CSR funds from PSUs/Corporates, which will in turn be released for promoting research and innovation in these institutions on grant basis.
•    The HEFA will finance the civil and lab infrastructure projects through a 10-year loan.
•    All the Centrally Funded Higher Educational Institutions will be eligible for joining as members of the HEFA.
•    For joining as members, the Institution should agree to escrow a specific amount from their internal accruals to HEFA for a period of 10 years. 
•    This secured future flows will be securitised by the HEFA for mobilising the funds from the market.
•    Each member institution will be eligible for a credit limit as decided by HEFA based on the amount agreed to be escrowed from the internal accruals.



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